Deborah Henry - 'I couldn't walk away'

Deborah Henry - 'I couldn't walk away'

Synonymous with style, beauty, grace and eloquence, Malaysia's Deborah Henry is a global household name. Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 and Miss Malaysia World 2007, Deborah left her hugely successful modelling career to support and champion the plight of refugee children in Malaysia. 

I was always interested in humanitarian work, and I always asked many questions.' she explains. 'I was very concerned by things that I didn't feel were right.'

It was through Miss World 2007 that Deborah visited Brazil and Myanmar with World Vision, and this grassroots experience solidified her convictions. 'In 2008 I hosted a UNHCR documentary in Kuala Lumpur, and visited lots of local families. From that point on I could just not walk away and do nothing.' 

Deborah set up Fugee School for refugees in 2009. The school has supported over 160 refugee students from Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan and Palestine with an education. 'Education is the foundation of everything. By not going to school, children are being set up for failure' she explains. 

Initially an ambassador for Tea Bird Tea, Deborah is now firmly part of the Tea Bird team. She is heavily involved in the process of creating products that customers want to buy not only because they taste amazing and are super healthy, but because they believe in the brand.

Deborah HenryDeborah Henry

So what would Deborah's advice be? 'Take a risk, do something different.' And Fugee School is really making a difference. Now, the 1 Ringgit donated directly to Fugee from each packet of Tea Bird Tea sold means that Fugee School has already received 18k Ringgit. In collaboration with Deborah and the rapidly growing team, Tea Bird Tea has big plans for the brand and the collaboration with Fugee. Just watch this space. #1myrcharitea 

If you want to support Fugee you can subscribe to make monthly payments which go to help pay for running costs, salaries, exam fees and new supplies for the students - Become a stakeholder 

Best blends from Tea Bird Tea - 1MYR from every pack of tea purchase in-store or online goes to Fugee at the end of every month...

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