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Colon Cleanse Organic Tea bird Tea

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The colon is an essential organ in the body which manages waste through your system while extracting the final essential nutrients. The colon is 6ft long and cleansing helps to relieve constipation, bloating and helps to manage IBS symptoms. 

  • Will NOT make you run to the toilet or give you diarrhoea
  • Can be used daily as a nighttime cleanse
  • Will NOT give you cramps
  • Will make you go to the toilet regularly as you need
  • Will help to manage IBS 
  • Is completely organic

    Health – The colon absorbs fluid from indigestible food residue and produces solid waste for elimination. Tea Bird Tea Colon Cleanse works as a daily aid to your colon whilst further promoting healthy operation for your liver, kidneys and digestive system.

    Serve: 1 heaped teaspoon per 200ml (cup) or 2 heaped spoons for a pot. Steep for 5-10mins according to taste. There are no tannins in this tea so your can re boil and let sit and drink chilled.

    Taste: Sweet no need for sugar or milk

    Caffeine: No Caffiene

    Ingredients: Organic spearmint, organic burdock root. organic liquorice root, organic fennel seeds, organic fenugreek seeds, organic cardamon pods

    Pack Sizes Available 

    20g Travel Pack - contains 20g loose leaf Hibiscus tea to take while you travel makes 10-12 16oz cups depending on personal taste, also great for trying new flavours or gifting - Buy a blend for a friend and the luck will never end! Advice- Stop drinking bad tea in good hotels, grab an infuser and a range of travel packs and enjoy your sea views or your workout with your favourite blends.

    40g 18 Teabags - Great for the office and on the go if you are away for longer trips.

    40g Loose Leaf Refill packs - These are our original pack sizes and still popular with our loose leaf lovers. To fill your 100g tin you need to purchase 3 of these so depending o how fast you use your blends you can refill as required. Also a great gift option for tea lovers.

    100g Loose Leaf tins - For your kitchen counter these have been specially designed to brighten up any worktop. You can request new covers if your current ones get damaged over time for 10MYR each and there will be plenty of cute designs to suit any kitchen. Drop us a note if you would like a bespoke print for parties or gifting and we will send you some options.

    Wholesale - For stockists and wholesale customers you can purchase cases of 12 at a 20% discount.

    Choose from our Tea Bird Tea cases of 12 from our Morning, Noon or Night teabag blends and receive a 20% discount. Select product variant Wholesale Teabag Case Includes 12 pieces and click add to cart to purchase.

    For larger orders we will contact customers for shipping costs.


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