Hibiscus and Vanilla Afternoon Feels Cold Brew Tea Bird Tea

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Make sure your Afternoon Feels have a breezy feel with our new Tea Bird Tea Cold brew ranges.

We have come up with some extra special blends to make the perfect summer cold brew all you have to do is add water!


  1. To make 2 litres of our Afternoon Feels use 1 large Cold Brew tea bag and add 2 litres of cold water.
  2. Steep overnight in the fridge.
  3. Keeps for 5 days 
  4. Tin contains enough to make 8 litres of Cold Brew Tea bird Tea

Taste and Health Benefits

Tart, fresh and hydrating for a daily flavourful cold brew. The tart flavour will help to aid intermittent fasting, boost your immune with Vitamin C and fend off colds and flu as cold brewing really brings out the anti oxidants found in the Vanilla Rooibos.


Organic green rooibos, organic jasmine flowers, organic vanilla bean pieces, organic rose petal, organic pear pieces, organic flavour and organic hibiscus

Other Uses

Mixer for cocktails - use half Tea Bird Cold brew Afternoon Feels and half soda water for a low calorie Vodka cocktail.

Brewing the cold brew for longer creates a sweeter taste but none of the sugar so the perfect skinny me cocktail.