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Black Friday Snowflakes from Tea Bird Tea

Black Friday Snowflakes available all weekend long until Midnight 26/11/18. Buy 3 tins of Tea bird Tea teabags and receive 1 of the tins absolutely free. Discount applied at check out. Free Post Sunday - does what it says on the tin its FREE POSTAGE all day Sunday 26/11/18 Cyber Monday - Sign up to join our monthly subscription 88MYR per month service and receive 1 month absolutely FREE! Each month you will receive 1 Tea Bird teabag blend, plus 1 Surprise Loose leaf Flavor to try, plus 1 free gift every month.

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Rapid weight loss - Tea Bird Tea Bikini 21

Phase 4 - DAYS 12 - 21 The final phase of The 3 Week Diet will begin to gear you toward eating somewhat “normally” compared to the 14 days that have passed. This phase involves a personalized calorie restriction to match your unique BMR and the aggressiveness of your weight loss goals. Determine your BMR BMR Calculation for Women BMR = 655 + (4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) - (4.7 x age in years)

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Relax & Unwind with Vanilla Rooibos Tea Bird Tea

Understand what is going on in our Vanilla Rooibos Tea Bird Tea and why it is good for your health and well-being. Even though not technically teas, tisane teas are herbal teas which formed a major part of the tea world. It is the infusion or decoction made from a plant other than Camellia sinensis--the plant true teas (green tea, black tea, oolong, etc.) are made from. They are caffeine free and can be served hot or cold.

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Using Teas in Your Food

To much leftover loose leaves lying around? We bring you ways to enjoy your teas else-way other than drinking it! Check out this recipe! Every so often we buy quality loose leaf teas, only to drink them for a week and then we forget about them. If not kept properly, they might just get mouldy, which is a waste. Here at Tea Bird Tea we are serious about wasting our resources, that equally goes with our teas too.

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Spice Things Up With A Little Bit of Ginger!

Ginger. What makes it good for you? A breakdown of what ginger has to offer to your body when you accept it in your daily diet. Besides being a popular cooking ingredient especially in Indian and Asian cuisine, it has also been used for thousands of years for its health and healing benefits. This versatile root can be consumed either fresh, powdered, dried, in oil form or as a juice.

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