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Rapid weight loss - Tea Bird Tea Bikini 21

Phase 4 - DAYS 12 - 21 The final phase of The 3 Week Diet will begin to gear you toward eating somewhat “normally” compared to the 14 days that have passed. This phase involves a personalized calorie restriction to match your unique BMR and the aggressiveness of your weight loss goals. Determine your BMR BMR Calculation for Women BMR = 655 + (4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) - (4.7 x age in years)

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Post workout sparkle without the sugar

You know that feeling when you've just worked out really hard? The endorphins are rushing and you're feeling satisfied. Most likely you'll have your water bottle for replenishment, but then, later you may be tempted to grab a sparkling soft drink. According to research conducted in the UK last year, approximately half of the fizzy drinks on the global market have more sugar in one can than an adult's daily allowance. That means up to 9 teaspoons of sugar per can. Per individual can! In April 2018, the UK will see a significant 'sugar tax' applied to soft drinks as the negative effects on health and immunity have been clearly proven. Even those drinks that are labelled 'sugar free' can often be...

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Sense how you should feel on the inside so you glow on the outside - Tea Bird Tea follows the Malay concept of Sucimurni to create the best organic tea to make you glow everyday...

You see a lot from us about healthy living, well that’s because we firmly believe that if you have a happy inside, you will happier on the outside. People will notice your energy and your presence, which will lead to more opportunities. Tea Bird Tea is all about building little opportunities for healthy living in to your busy lifestyle, particularly through its focus on making appropriate choices of tea for the morning, noon and night. Fortunately Tea Bird Tea also packs a powerful punch with its range of tastes and drinking it certainly makes me feel a heap better.         I recently learned about Sucimurni living. Suci what? Sucimurni. It’s a Malay lifestyle concept, which focuses on the five senses...

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Deborah Henry: Healthy Living Is A Lifestyle For Me

We are very lucky to have worked with Deborah for over a year now and have had a lot of fun and good times together from photo shoots to events and dreaming up new blends for you guys to try. It is true, she is as sparkly and gorgeous in real life as she is in any glossy magazine you pick up, her humanitarian work and her commitment to the continued success of Fugee School is so motivating and inspiring for us to to keep doing the best we can do for Fugee - (don't forget 1 MYR from every pack of Tea Bird Tea sold every month goes to help Fugee School). But after all that how does she keep...

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New Organic Sparkling Hibiscus Tea Bird Tea - Healthy Skin | Caffeine Free | Sugar Free

New Organic Sparkling Hibiscus Tea Bird Tea - Healthy Skin | Caffeine Free | Sugar Free | Low G I | No Pesticides 100% No preservatives made to order. We love our Tea Bird but all of the Tea bird team do a lot of sport and living in Malaysia it gets pretty humid and hot so hydration, loss of salts and energy are always a problem. When you want to reach for something thats going to pep you up but still be completely sugar and preservative free - its hard to get past sparkling water. If you want to be refreshed, pepped up with antioxidants and trust that a product is completely sugar and preservative free then try our new...

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