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A cup of goodness - how tea and coffee can give you essential health benefits

"Everyday is a battle" I hear my friends often say whether its not exercising enough, eating too much or just not having any time to focus your mind and be healthy. Having said that everyone is  busy but there is a clear ethos all over the world now to really be aware of health afflictions that people are suffering from due to bad diet and stress. The number of studies I have watched on Netflix in relation to diabetes is becoming unsafe in itself!! Tea Bird Tea focuses on a prevention rather than cure when it comes to health and thats we have developed our Tea bird Tea range around a Morning, Noon and Night to help your body look...

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Tea Bird Tea Feel Light as a Feather

So it's warming up in Malaysia, and cooling down in Australia. In London, apparently, as I write, the sun is blazing. I would like to think that for all those people wandering through their routines slightly blinkered, perhaps slowly, there are four or five with a real spring in their step. We sincerely hope that for sure, those drinking our loose leaf organic teas feel sprightlier than their counterparts, even light as a feather. So where did the concept of feathers come from? The bird with the golden feathers was an idea that was born from the first painting I did in Australia. Not only did it inspire the name of the tea, and the branding, but I love the idea that feathers enable...

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