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10 Day TBT Healthy alkalising diet plan

Understanding how your body works and reacts to different foods or teas is a great help when optimizing your health and managing stress, anxiety, weight and energy.  The Tea Bird Tea 10 Day Alkalizing plan focuses on the popular theory that by maintaining an alkaline state in your body you can minimize inflammation in your joints, reduce acid in the tummy and therefore prevent the onset of diseases which are prevalent in our society today. Some studies* believe that a high acidity in the body can promote the development of some cancers, arthritis, stress and anxiety. So by actively managing this with a low acidic diet and aiding with an Alkalizing tea you can find that you are not just...

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Tea Bird Tea 5 Day Teatox & Scrub Whether you are parched in the office or running after the kids at home its always good to relax and enjoy your favourite cup of Tea Bird morning, noon and night. The 5 Day Teatox targets any over indulgence from your weekend and sets you up for the week to cleansed, lighter and brighter.

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