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Finding your balance with Tea Bird Tea Alkalising & Turmeric 10 day plan

Understanding how your body works and reacts to different foods or teas is a great help when optimising your health and managing stress, anxiety, weight and energy.

The Tea Bird Tea healthy 10 Day Alkalising with turmeric plan focuses on the popular theory that by maintaining an alkaline state in your body you can minimise inflammation in your joints, reduce acid in the tummy and therefore prevent the onset of diseases which are prevalent in our society today.

Some studies* believe that a high acidity

Tea Bird Tea House turns grow-your-own-herbs venture into tea business

Tea Bird Tea House turns grow-your-own-herbs venture into tea business

Growing up around Irish food philosophies, Ashleigh Cotterill was amused by friends who swore by supplements and protein powders. Although she leaves each to his own, she does believe in the medicinal properties of food. Herbs and spices have been used for healing by cultures around the world across civilisations and modern understanding of their curative properties backs this practice.

The Irish-born marketing executive and artist began actively propagating this in 2014 after her son was born, selling herb and vegetable seeds under the Balcony Bloomer brand in farmers’ markets around Bondi and the Gold Coast while living in Australia. Balcony Bloomer carried herbs such as basil to lower blood pressure, coriander to reduce inflammation in the joints, and mint and chilli to increase metabolism. As sales increased, so too did customer requests and subsequent ideas.

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