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Black Friday Snowflakes from Tea Bird Tea

Black Friday Snowflakes available all weekend long until Midnight 26/11/18. Buy 3 tins of Tea bird Tea teabags and receive 1 of the tins absolutely free. Discount applied at check out. Free Post Sunday - does what it says on the tin its FREE POSTAGE all day Sunday 26/11/18 Cyber Monday - Sign up to join our monthly subscription 88MYR per month service and receive 1 month absolutely FREE! Each month you will receive 1 Tea Bird teabag blend, plus 1 Surprise Loose leaf Flavor to try, plus 1 free gift every month.

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Deborah Henry Opens Up On Her Struggle With Body Image

Deborah Henry takes us through her journey as Miss Malaysia to become the person she is today, find out how she grew her relationship with food, learning to be strong rather than skinny and ultimately regained the health and her body and mind.Purely B shot the interview at Tea Bird Tea House in Bangsar - Stay tuned for Part 2 where Deborah Henry shares what she drinks every day to maintain optimal health. You can find out which Tea Bird Tea is Deborah's daily must have home or away...

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Fugeelah Handmade Jewellery by the Students from Fugee School #fugeelah

I remember asking Deborah Henry Co-Founder of Fugee School so whats next how is the school going to continue? She said - this is it - it's here - its a school offering children education we have to keep it running...  Charity is an interesting area - how many times can you rely on subscriptions, or kind hearted philanthropists and wealthy supporters travelling around handing out cash to pay the bills?  The answer is you can't - there needs to be some understanding of creating something that can pay for itself otherwise there is no growth, for the students, the people running it - this school is changing peoples lives everyday and thats a great thing but creating a school which empowers, educates and...

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It’s International Tea Day today! and Tea Bird Tea is celebrating 1 year supporting Fugee School with their #1myrcharite...

Tea Fact: Did you know that the British drink 165 million cups of tea per day? That’s 60.2 billion cups per year! That’s a LOT of teas. The British culture and society is often synonymized with tea drinking. Think British people, think tea. But did you know that in the United Kingdom, the drinking of tea is so varied that it is quite hard to generalize. It is not true that the British only take milk with their teas. In fact, they also take their teas black, with lemon or with the addition of sugar. Today also marks our 1-year anniversary with Fugee School. Fugee School is co- founded by our Tea Bird Tea ambassador, celebrity, model and TV host...

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